Anders Andersson – Foto

Risveden, old traces around Valsjön

These pictures is taken in the close area of Valsjön in Risveden.
The woodworkers barrack, close to the mill Högsjökvarn – were forty men lived for about seven years. The barrack measured 11 m x 9 meters – about 100 sq. meters. The workers came from Värmland and Dalsland 300-400 km’s away. They brought their own horses which they cared for very well. The stable were close to the workers barrack. The boss – Esping – lived about 1 km away from the workers. A lady came every day to cook for him. She lived at a place called ”Råttekullen” about 2,5 km’s away. She walked every day.
As amusement the workers put up a place were dance could be performed, the instruments were harmonica and accordeon.
The top picture is taken at the place were the steam saw were placed, from this place a timber furrow transported the sawn timber down to Åsjön and Anten.
If you would like to read more about the brutal murder of Annie at Valås click here. (Just in Swedish)

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