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Spring Craft 2014 at Nohab smedja

Had the opportunity to visit the event Spring Craft 2014 at Nohab smedja, Trollhättan. Nine skilled blacksmiths were showing their Craft.
The blacksmiths:
Brian Russell with son Ivan came all the way from England to show how to use the big 300 kilogram air hammer. They did some nice forge welding – when you join two pieces of metal by heating them to a high temperature and then hammering them together.
Inge Dahlgren, working at the Nohab forge.
Ivan D Kamiyasu, also working at the Nohab forge.
Jan-Erik Svensson, he works in Tollered. Click here to some of my images from his forge.
Jessica Fleetwood. Works at Not Quite in Dalsland.
Jon Olofsson, traditional blacksmith.
Sven Börjesson, works in Gerlesborg. Speciality: weathercocks.
Tommy Hansson, sculptures.
Ulrika Aneer, Not Quite.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Craft 2014 at Nohab smedja

  1. L-P Lindh on said:

    Hej Anders, det var väldigt fint att se dina kort från Smidesträffen. De är riktigt fina !!
    Fint ljus, nära och i rätt ögonblick.
    Hälsningar från L-P Lindh som var med i ”staben ” i smedjan

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