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A museum weekend

Made a museum trip last weekend. Started in Gnosjö and the Hylténs industrimuseum. The factory started around 1890. Not much has changed in the factory since 1930. The factory is driven by their own waterpowered turbin which gives electricity to drive a big electrical motor. This motor drives the main axle that drives all Machines in the factory. The two giudes showed us how to finish a brass bell, founded in the forgery.
We continued to Svängsta to visit the old Watch factory of Halda. This factory started in 1887 to produce pocket watches of very high quality. 1920 the factory was liquidated. A new owner continued to make pocket watches and also Telemeter (to calculate the length of a phone call) and Taxameter (to price a Taxi ride) and in 1939 also fishing Equipment. Henning Karlsson (our guide) started to work in the factory as a teenager together with some eldery men as this was during the second World war and all men were drafted. All Machines in the museum was saved by Henning who was told to throw them away in the 1960’s. They were kept in a barn until 1970’s when the museum opened in 1977.
We spent the night in Hovmansbygd and in the morning we visited Ebbamåla bruk. It was founded in 1850 and continued until 1950. It has a iron foundry and all Machines to work the foundries.
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  1. lithenh skrev den :

    Fina porträtt på farbrorn i keps. (speciellt de svartvita)


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