Anders Andersson – Foto

Studies of Cattle Egret

Some images of Cattle Egrets from the Albufera area, near Valencia.
Albufera is a huge freshwater lagoon and estuary. The Natural Park covers an area of 21120 hectares. Around the lagoon is a big area where rice is grown. In these ricepaddies you can find the Cattle Egret. They are feeding on insects, frogs and crayfish in the fields. I like their looks and Eyes. Looking into their Eyes might be the last thing you do if you are a cryfish or a frog!
All of these birds have their Winter plumage. It is completely White except for a small patch of orange on the forehead. In summer plumage this patch will extend, they will also have some orange on the belly and wings.
Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

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