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Monnegre and Sierra de Altaona, easter 2016

Some Pictures from my last trip to Spain, easter 2016. This set shows some mountanious parts of Costa Blanca, namely Monnegre (NW from Alicante) and Sierra Altaona (SE from Murcia).
I have spent a lot of time in Monnegre (lots of images here on my blog) but it still attracts me a lot. The tranquility and the landscape up there is very special. I hope the images will show some of that. One lucky day I saw Bonelli’s Eagle and managed to get some Pictures of it.
A Place where I haven’t been so much is the Mountains of Sierra de Altaona. In the lower valleys you’ll find a lot of fruit trees, as you go higher the steeper it gets and the pine trees take over. The whole area is crisscrossed by many dirt tracks and smaller roads, this – the cyclists takes advantage of. Beware of mountain bikes and cyclists! But it makes also easy to access by foot. This trip was a success in sightings of Sylvia warblers where the numbers of Dartford Warblers were Amazing. I must have visited there area when their singing period peaked, because they were everywhere! I saw also a lot of Subalpine Warblers. Had a great time!
Hope you will enjoy my images!
Click on the thumbnails to get larger Pictures!

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2 tankar om “Monnegre and Sierra de Altaona, easter 2016

  1. Vackra härliga bilder!


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