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A trip around Öckerö

The forecast were good, a bit windy but the sun should appear. Now, inte the middle of Winter the sun is a rare sight. But you have to be fast because the sun will only be up for about seven hours. It rises at about 9 o’clock and sets at 3.30.
I decided to make a trip with my kayak around the Beautiful Island Öckerö in the big nature reserve of Hållsundsudde and Sönnerbergen. Those of you that follow my blog will maybe remember that I have been in this nature reserve many times Before.
This nature reserve is a part of a ”Natura 2000” area. Major restauration has taken Place. Many trees like Junipers have been cut down and animals are now grazing all year round. You can read more about this Project here (in Swedish).
I had the luck to see a Sea Eagle feeding on a seal carcase, no Pictures though…
Equipped with good warm wool underwear and a dry suit I set out to the sea.
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